Revoke is evolving. Whilst we transition, please note that some pages and information may be outdated.

About Revoke

We care strongly about privacy, data protection and your rights. We created Revoke to make it easier for you to exercise your data protection rights.

Revoke provides templated requests that can be sent to over 24,000 companies.

Simply search for the company, choose the type of request you want to send, check it over and send it from your email address.

There is no need to search for the right contact, we automatically include this in your email template from our database of company information.

Less data, less risk.

Decreasing how much personal data companies have on you reduces the risk of that data being exploited, hacked or left unsecured. Easily request that a company deletes your personal data using our Delete Data email template.

Retrieve Your Personal Data

Revoke templates allow you to request your personal data from a company easily. Find the company you are looking for by searching our directory of thousands of companies and then send a ‘Get Data’ request to retrieve your data.

Set Marketing Preferences

Revoke templates allow you to request that companies no longer send marketing material to you. This allows you to request that companies refrain from contacting you with marketing or sales emails and phone calls.

Delete All Data Held on You

Revoke makes it easy to request that your personal data be deleted by companies.

You have the right to request a copy of your data from a company you have a relationship with, you can also request that your personal data be deleted.

Safeguard Your Future

Protect your data. Each time you enter your data into a website, your credit card information, your date of birth, you place your financial security in peril.