Take Extra Care of Your Customers With a Free Year of Revoke.

Our Revoke Partner service for business opens up our platform, making it available on demand to your customers, for a powerful complimentary product that:

  • Protects your customer’s personal data
  • Helps prevents your customers from being hounded by companies in your field
  • Provides a highly prized complimentary value adding bolt-on service that increases customer loyalty and affinity to your brand
  • Gives your business, partner access to our world-first automated GDPR management platform to automate and cut the costs of compliance
  • Boosts your company reputation as an organisation moving beyond compliance to proactively enhance their customer’s security
  • Streamlines your GDPR data portability and data accessibility obligations with a simple, secure and seamless CRM portal
  • Drastically cuts the cost of GDPR compliance with automated data access requests from just £0.004 per user request

Take Control
Of Your Customer's Digital Data Destiny

How Revoke Can Benefit Your Customers

The consequences of a data breach can be devastating to the life of the affected individual, often through no fault of their own. Customer personal data almost certainly exists in the data sources of a vast network of businesses, affiliates and partner organisations directly relating to your operations. If any one of these is breached, your customer is at risk.

As a Revoke Partner, you take definitive action to prevent this, providing a compelling add on service invaluable to your customers, and handing you a decisive strategic advantage against your industry peers.

  • Take direct control of their digital data destiny
  • Enable them to opt out of marketing and cold calling lists en masse
  • Reduce their digital footprint and drastically cut the chances of being a data breach victim
  • Granular per industry/company management of personal data rights and consents

Take Control
Of Your GDPR Compliance Obligations

How Revoke Can Slash The Costs Of GDPR Compliance

Revoke Partner provides your business with all the tools required to manage internal GDPR operations in a simple, secure and regulatory compliant way. Manage your customer data access requests from a single interface, via the Revoke CRM portal. Seamlessly integrating with your own systems via APIs and plugins for all major CRMs and web frameworks, being a Revoke Partner drastically cuts the administration costs of processing and implementing requests, while providing you with the legal reassurance of secure, GDPR compliant processes.

Become a Revoke Partner

From SMEs to global conglomerates, becoming a Revoke Partner provides an unrivalled, legally reliable and cost effective way to manage your GDPR compliance obligations while adding prized value added benefits your customers.

With our efficient per-user pricing model, you can fully automate your GDPR data requests from just £0.004 per customer, drastically less than manual cost equivalent (£15 – £2,000).

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