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Less data, less risk.

Decreasing the amount of personal data companies have on you, decreases the risk of it being exploited, hacked or left unsecured. Here’s how Revoke helps…

Retrieve Your Personal Data

Revoke allows you to retrieve your personal data from thousands of companies easily

You choose companies to send requests to, these companies are required under the GDPR to respond within 30 days.

Stop Marketing

Revoke allows you to request that companies no longer send marketing material to you

With Revoke, it’s easy to set your marketing preferences. This allows you to request that companies refrain from contacting you with marketing or sales emails and phone calls.

Delete All Data Held on You

Revoke makes it easy to request that your personal data is deleted by companies

You have the right to request a copy of your data from a company you have a relationship with, you can also request that your personal data is deleted. Companies are required to respond to your request and confirm that your data has been deleted.