Revoke is evolving. Whilst we transition, please note that some pages and information may be outdated.

Why Revoke?

1. Protect yourself from data exploitation

Data misuse and breaches are out of control. As customers, clients and consumers we have no idea how many companies have our personal data. With credentials being bought and sold on the dark web for large amounts of money, significant breaches – often in the millions, and sometimes including card data – seem to be more and more commonplace.

2. Regain control of YOUR Personal Data

Up until now, we (the users) had little to no control over what it’s used for. Having control over our data means being able to view it in its entirety whenever we want (instead of having to file a formal request with an energy provider, for instance) and to decide if, when and how companies may use it.

3. Prevent companies from abusing your data without your permission

Even the largest, most “ethical” and popular household brand names share data with other companies. Hundreds of data warehouses and tracking companies trade personal data and all these companies can also fall prey to data breaches.

4. Protect against Identity Theft

Identity theft is becoming an increasingly common problem, as fraudsters discover more devious ways to get hold of your personal data. Criminals can even use seemingly “harmless” pieces of information, such as your date of birth, to commit identity theft. Many companies ask for your date of birth as part of their verification process. Other information we readily disclose that identify thieves steal include; address, email address, previous addresses, Mother’s maiden name, place of Birth, pin, bank details, NI number and passwords. The most common types of crimes are ones considered to be financial fraud, credit card fraud, bank fraud, tax rebate fraud, benefit fraud and telecommunications fraud for example. However, identity thieves can also use your identity when they commit other crimes, such as entering (or exiting) a country illegally, drug trafficking, committing cybercrime, money laundering and more. Let Revoke protect your identity and ensure you don’t fall victim of identity theft.

5. Revoke is the only way of exercising your rights in bulk

Revoke is the only solution focused application available on the market that allows users to review, retrieve and retain their personal data from the plethora of companies holding private information about you, in mass, at the touch of a button.

6. We are trustworthy and secure

Revoke uses unique, advanced levels of security and cryptography to keep your information safe and protected. The way it should be. More secure than your bank, Revoke uses the latest military-grade encryption which protects your personal information, so that only you and/or the designated recipients of the information you share can decrypt the data. All data is encrypted by default, Revoke does not store any data in plain-text.

7. Data Breaches are a daily occurrence!

Since the new GDPR legislation has been introduced, significant data breaches have come to light in the press. Not all cases are reported if they are not particularly large, but either due to the type of attack, vulnerability involved, or the sensitivity of the data compromised, all carry significant risks to you!