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Smart Devices and the Internet of Things

Whether you like it or not, smart devices are an integral part of our everyday lives. From our phones to our home utilities, everything is now connected. Times have moved on when we had to keep an eye on the many text messages we had left to send and estimate how far we attempted to run. In the same vein as Apple’s old expression, there isn’t just an app for everything, there is now a smart device for everything.

For those not familiar with the definition of smart devices, they are defined as:

An electronic gadget that is able to connect, share and interact with its user and other smart devices.

What Does Smart Device Mean?

This does not only apply to items such as your phone or tablet but also includes items such as doorbells with camera functionality and digital thermostats! The possibilities of what can become a smart device are endless.

How safe are smart devices?

The rise of smart devices has also raised awareness and questions around the vulnerability of security, and how they may not be as safe as you think. Whilst they may be very convenient, smart devices may also be making you more vulnerable. The risk of hackers targeting you is higher than ever, and without the right security, they could just walk right into private life without you realising. Smart devices are incredibly popular and because of this, many companies are jumping on this.

The fact that any and all companies are trying to jump on the smart device bandwagon, means that these devices are being made simply by the company with no help from network security experts. Your privacy is in danger more than ever.

Here at Revoke, we aim to educate you on just how smart devices can affect your data and privacy. In this new series, we will go over some of the main companies and their smart devices. This will include Amazon and their Echo devices, Google Nest, Apple’s HomePod, and even the Facebook Metaverse.

Join us on this journey as we explore everything smart device-related!