Smart Devices and the Internet of Things

5th May 2022

-Revoke Marketing

Whether you like it or not, smart devices are an integral part of our everyday lives. From our phones to our home utilities, everything is now connected. Times have moved on when we had to keep an eye on the many text messages we had left to send and estimate how far we attempted to run.

Checking Your Online Privacy & Security

28th April 2022

-Revoke Marketing

Your online privacy and security should be the most important thing on your mind when using social media. If you neglect these, there is a high chance that you will face the consequences and could become a victim of a scam, phishing attempt or data breach.

How to Spot if a Friend Has Been a Victim of a Hack or Data Breach

21st April 2022

-Revoke Marketing

Across the digital world, users are getting their data hacked, leaked, or stolen every day. This is putting not only you, but also everyone you know at risk.

Why Would You Want to Be Notified About a Data Breach?

14th April 2022

-Revoke Marketing

Data breaches are happening all day, every day, but why should you be worried? Your online safety is of the utmost importance and checking to see if you have been a victim of a data breach should be a priority.

Top Reasons to Check if Your Data Has Been Breached

7th April 2022

-Revoke Marketing

Data breaches occur when information is compromised by being taken from a system without the knowledge of the system’s owner. In past years, data breaches have become more common, and all of us are at risk of being a victim of one. So why should you check for data breaches?

Your Guide to Staying Safe Online

31st March 2022

-Revoke Marketing

Now more than ever, your online safety is paramount. Thousands of cyber-attacks happen every day, and your personal details could be at risk.

What Data Does Spotify Have on You?

16th February 2022

-Revoke Marketing

Spotify’s freemium business model has allowed users from across the world to access its extensive catalogue of songs and podcasts by simply registering their details. But is it as simple as we all think? Or is there a much bigger cost at hand?

Multi-Factor Authentication

4th March 2021

-Aonghus Fraser

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) means a hacker needs to know your password AND have access to something else (e.g. a code or SMS from your mobile phone) to get into your account.

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