Does Facebook Care About Privacy?

30th June 2022

-Natasha Dines

Facebook doesn’t have a strong reputation for respecting privacy — in fact, the company thrives on being as invasive as possible. It collects as much personal data on users as possible across all of their services. But, how does it acquire this data, and what does it do with it?

Apple Privacy: Too Good to be True?

16th June 2022

-Natasha Dines

Apple claims that privacy is one of their core values, but is there more to this than meets the eye?

How Much Does Google Know About You?

2nd June 2022

-Natasha Dines

As we explore the most known brands in our Internet of Things series, it’s impossible to avoid one of the biggest brands in the industry – Google.

Multi-Factor Authentication

4th March 2021

-Aonghus Fraser

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) means a hacker needs to know your password AND have access to something else (e.g. a code or SMS from your mobile phone) to get into your account.

Award-Winning Technology

10th February 2021

-Aonghus Fraser

Revoke won the Digital Jersey Security / Privacy award of the year!

Managing your online privacy

14th March 2020

-Aonghus Fraser

Top tips for managing your privacy online including spyware (some people call them cookies!) and alternative products and services to the ones that are currently tracking you.

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