Data Protection

Does Facebook Care About Privacy?

30th June 2022

-Natasha Dines

Facebook doesn’t have a strong reputation for respecting privacy — in fact, the company thrives on being as invasive as possible. It collects as much personal data on users as possible across all of their services. But, how does it acquire this data, and what does it do with it?

Apple Privacy: Too Good to be True?

16th June 2022

-Natasha Dines

Apple claims that privacy is one of their core values, but is there more to this than meets the eye?

How Much Does Google Know About You?

2nd June 2022

-Natasha Dines

As we explore the most known brands in our Internet of Things series, it’s impossible to avoid one of the biggest brands in the industry – Google.

Is Alexa Always Listening?

19th May 2022

-Natasha Dines

With more than 200 million Alexa devices sold, Amazon has a firm grip on the smart speaker market and there is every chance that you will already own one yourself. Even if you just muttered “Alexa”, we bet some device near you would wake up and start listening to you.

Smart Devices and the Internet of Things

5th May 2022

-Natasha Dines

Whether you like it or not, smart devices are an integral part of our everyday lives. From our phones to our home utilities, everything is now connected. Times have moved on when we had to keep an eye on the many text messages we had left to send and estimate how far we attempted to run.

Checking Your Online Privacy & Security

28th April 2022

-Natasha Dines

Your online privacy and security should be the most important thing on your mind when using social media. If you neglect these, there is a high chance that you will face the consequences and could become a victim of a scam, phishing attempt or data breach.

Top Reasons to Check if Your Data Has Been Breached

7th April 2022

-Natasha Dines

Data breaches occur when information is compromised by being taken from a system without the knowledge of the system’s owner. In past years, data breaches have become more common, and all of us are at risk of being a victim of one. So why should you check for data breaches?

What Data Does Spotify Have on You?

16th February 2022

-Natasha Dines

Spotify’s freemium business model has allowed users from across the world to access its extensive catalogue of songs and podcasts by simply registering their details. But is it as simple as we all think? Or is there a much bigger cost at hand?

Combating the Personal Data Crisis

4th March 2019

-Aonghus Fraser

Stories of data breaches and data misuse are out of control; a weekly if not daily occurrence.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web never envisaged the problems we have today…

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