iOS 16 and Security: What’s New?

8th September 2022

-Natasha Dines

With every major Apple update comes a whole host of new features, and iOS 16 looks set to be no different.

TikTok and its Aggressive Data Harvesting

11th August 2022

-Natasha Dines

As of July 2022, over half the world now uses social media with 4.70 billion people now using some form of it. With this incredible rise in social media usage, some of these companies are taking advantage of you and are taking data harvesting to a whole other level. Recently, a certain app named TikTok has been accused of being one of the worst.

A Snack-Sized Guide to Cookies

28th July 2022

-Natasha Dines

If you have browsed the internet on any device, including your PC or the phone in your hand, you will have been tracked by cookies. And no, these aren’t the ones that are delicious, these are digital method of tracking everything that you do online.

What are Data Brokers and What do they Mean for You?

14th July 2022

-Natasha Dines

If you are not careful, everything you do online is tracked and can be used to target you. A common question that people have is where does this data go, and who collects it? There is a simple answer to this – data brokers.

Does Facebook Care About Privacy?

30th June 2022

-Natasha Dines

Facebook doesn’t have a strong reputation for respecting privacy — in fact, the company thrives on being as invasive as possible. It collects as much personal data on users as possible across all of their services. But, how does it acquire this data, and what does it do with it?

Apple Privacy: Too Good to be True?

16th June 2022

-Natasha Dines

Apple claims that privacy is one of their core values, but is there more to this than meets the eye?

How Much Does Google Know About You?

2nd June 2022

-Natasha Dines

As we explore the most known brands in our Internet of Things series, it’s impossible to avoid one of the biggest brands in the industry – Google.

Is Alexa Always Listening?

19th May 2022

-Natasha Dines

With more than 200 million Alexa devices sold, Amazon has a firm grip on the smart speaker market and there is every chance that you will already own one yourself. Even if you just muttered “Alexa”, we bet some device near you would wake up and start listening to you.

Smart Devices and the Internet of Things

5th May 2022

-Natasha Dines

Whether you like it or not, smart devices are an integral part of our everyday lives. From our phones to our home utilities, everything is now connected. Times have moved on when we had to keep an eye on the many text messages we had left to send and estimate how far we attempted to run.

How to Spot if a Friend Has Been a Victim of a Hack or Data Breach

21st April 2022

-Natasha Dines

Across the digital world, users are getting their data hacked, leaked, or stolen every day. This is putting not only you, but also everyone you know at risk.

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