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Top Reasons to Check if Your Data Has Been Breached

Why should you check for data breaches?

Data breaches occur when information is compromised by being taken from a system without the knowledge of the system’s owner. In past years, data breaches have become more common, and all of us are at risk of being a victim of one. So why should you check for data breaches?

(Remember, you can use our Revoke App to check if you have been affected by a breach!)

To see if your personal data is involved

You might not know what data you have online, and it is most important when checking for a data breach, to see if your personal data is involved. If you are lucky enough that you haven’t been a victim, then there is no need to worry. However, if your data has been breached, then you need to take action.

It’s smart to find out who may have the data. This can range from a small-scale breach, where maybe only one person has the data, to your data is available for the public to access. There is also the possibility of your data being available for purchase on the dark which means that literally, anyone may have access to it.

To check how serious the breach is

Whilst all data breaches are serious, some can be a lot more dangerous than others. Depending on what data has been compromised, the height of the damage against you could be massive. In 2020, EasyJet suffered a cyber-attack that affected over 9 million customers, with thousands having their credit card details accessed. Having someone access your finances can be detrimental and can lead to unknown sources using them.

To assess the risk and take action

The most important step is to take action against the data breach. Revoke regularly searches the Dark Web for personal data that has been exposed in a breach; hacked, stolen, or just inadvertently made public by incompetent companies. By using our app, you can ensure that you can reclaim your digital data and protect your family and your money.